Solar Panel Cleaning Tips

Solar Panel Cleaning Tips Mesa AZMany homeowners are wondering whether solar panel cleaning is essential. Especially if your solar panel system is mounted on your roof, cleaning can be quite a challenge. It is great to know though that solar panels actually have self-cleaning features meaning you don’t have to clean them all the time. Rainwater and the wind can naturally clean your solar panels through time. 

Having a self-cleaning system doesn’t automatically mean you shouldn’t be paying attention to your panels’ maintenance. Solar panels are indeed durable and can last through many years, even decades. But cleaning is indeed essential if you want to keep them efficient for a long time. 

Helpful Tips in Solar Panel Cleaning

It is most ideal to call a professional for assistance when cleaning solar panels. Aside from safety concerns, solar experts can also inspect the solar panels at the same time to ensure that there are no problems with the system and the actual panels. However, it is understandable if you’re considering DIY cleaning for your solar panels. Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Schedule cleaning your solar panel system at strategic times of the day. 

It is best to clean solar panels very early in the morning or late in the afternoon right before the sun sets to ensure that they are not very hot. 

You can use a garden hose to clean solar panels.

If you will be using a pressure washer, make sure the pressure isn’t too strong so you won’t have to worry about damaging your solar panels. 

Inspect for cracks and damages before washing solar panels. 

Cracks and other damages, especially when you wash them, may result in serious and more expensive damages. If you see these on your solar panels, it is best to call an expert for assistance. 

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Hopefully, the above solar panel cleaning tips have helped you out. Anytime you need help with solar maintenance and solar repairs in Mesa or the surrounding Phoenix communities, we are here to help. Contact Mesa Solar Panels today for a consultation and to get an estimate.

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